My story

“If you don’t make time for wellness, you will have to spend time in illness”

As I sit here and write this, radiating success, light and positivity, I am astounded by how drastically things have changed. I’m Karolin Lovén, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) practitioner, hypnotherapist and Elite Mentorship Trainer (EMT), and this is my story…

Life, for me, was a struggle. More than that. There was really nothing left of me. No self-worth, no confidence, no joy.

I’d just turned 40, was newly separated and was trying to keep my head above water providing for my two energetic young boys. I was alone and stressed out and had nothing but limiting beliefs and a disposition that drove me to please everyone but myself.

I was neglecting my needs, pushing my limits, working endlessly and trying to cope in a survival mode that didn’t serve me. My life spiralled ever downward towards ill health and complete, all-encompassing burnout.

So, there I was at rock bottom, feeling small, unworthy and useless. I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Three decades of living life without balance and allowing destructive patterns and a poor mindset to rule me had depleted my coping skills. Through most of these years, I struggled with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression and a chronically stressed nervous system from untreated PTSD.

My body was at its lowest ebb. I felt both emotional and physical pain, had chronic inflammation in my ligaments and muscles and suffered from vertigo for months at a time. My immune system was shot, I couldn’t sleep and most relationships I had was toxic in one way or another.

Lost, confused, exhausted and afraid, I thought there was no way of turning my existence around. I was isolated and vulnerable – and even my doctor and psychologist were at a loss.

With no goals, dreams or desires, I felt like a victim. And it was killing me.

Then one day, unexpectedly, a dear friend introduced me to something called Quantum Physics – it sparked an interest in me that changed my life.

I started to learn about the subconscious mind, Law of Attraction, consciousness and self-mastery and it dawned on me that I had found the key to a complete transformation. I just needed to find the right path.

Out of the blue, Peter Sage crossed my screen on social media. Founder of a world-class personal and spiritual development program called the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF), he took me on a profound journey that completely shifted my mindset within 6 months.

Watch this video to hear about Karolin’s transformation journey and how she rised from burnout.

Out of the blue, Peter Sage crossed my screen on social media. Founder of a world-class personal and spiritual development program called the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF), he took me on a profound journey that completely shifted my mindset within 6 months.

Every aspect of my existence physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually went through a deep, rapid, radical change. I took my power back, became healthy and learnt, through this amazing handbook for life, how to master my inner being. In just the first module of the program, I went from surviving to thriving.

I now live a life I love – at peace, fulfilled and surrounded by a group of supportive, caring friends who share the same outlook. I am buzzing with vitality and excellent health, and I have a glow about me that makes other people smile.

I have learnt that authenticity is a superpower and that I am worthy of love and respect despite what others may think. I have control over my choices and trust my own capabilities without any doubt. I show up, step up and speak out and I am strong at my core.

My boys have a mother who meets all their needs and expectations. I have the energy to play with them and am engaged and present for all of us. There is balance in my life – and connection, both with myself and the world around me. I exercise regularly and now feel stress-free, pain-free… and complete.

“It is never too late to create a new future – a new future is always available to you”!

My 3 pm miracle

My transformation is evident in what I now call “my 3 pm miracle” – a simple, visual representation of incredible change.

Before my shift, this is how I looked every day at 3 pm. More dead than alive, severely fatigued, listless and with a brain filled with fog. To manage the hours until my children’s bedtime, I found myself counting down the minutes one by one. And for over three years I, too, collapsed into bed at 07h30 pm. Not much of a life, you’ll agree. It was pure survival. My dreams and desires did not exist.

But today my 3 pm looks very different. I have learnt how to stop the destructive patterns that drained me of energy. My people-pleasing, limiting, judgemental beliefs have come to an end, and I now know how to support myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a master at creating wellness, boosting my energy levels and buzzing with a vibrancy I never thought possible. People say that I shine, and I really do!

And you can too.

Let me be your guide on your journey of transformation.

Let me get you “Lovén Your Life”

This incredible journey awakened a passion in me. A life’s work, if you will. My purpose is to empower others to make radical, holistic shifts and long-lasting changes that will alter the quality of their existence forever.

I am here to show you how to transform your essence, radically and rapidly. Because a new future is always available if you’re ready for it and committed to taking each step.

Work with me and let’s get you “Lovén Your Life” today.

My biography

For almost 20 years I worked as a project leader, analyst, team leader and business developer in public administration and authorities, and spent the last 10 in change management, improving workflows and decision-making processes.
My expertise in change communication has led me to work with huge governmental administration organisations in the European Union as well as in the Nordic countries, enabling them to enhance the efficiency of changes made within their operating and management systems.

Fluent in English, Danish and Swedish and with a master’s degree in Political Science from Lund University and a certification in coaching from the EMCC/ICC Coaching Centre in Copenhagen, I have been privileged enough to travel the world, living in Denmark, France and the USA.

I am now a certified hypnotherapist and RTT® practitioner as well as an Elite Mentorship Trainer for the EMF. I live happily with my two boys, Mio and Elvin, in Stockholm, Sweden and globally help transform people’s lives rapidly, radically and to great effect.

Each person I have worked with as a life transformation coach is a hero – read their testimonials and get inspired!