“Every one of my many clients has been a true hero and has put in the hard work that goes with any major shift in life”

My clients progress have been a testament to my unique “Lovén Your Life” blueprint – one that I am very proud of, especially as it has given me a phenomenal 4,8 stars across the board on the Trustpilot rating platform.

But don’t take my word for it… here below are some examples of what my wonderful clients are really saying.

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“Don’t wait to work with Karolin, get started now!

I am a student of the life-changing EMF program facilitated by Karolin. It is, without a doubt, the best program I have ever done. I have learned how to create an empowering outlook on life, understand my behaviour patterns and replace them with things that help me find peace and joy.

Karolin has been an inspiring trainer. She is always there to support and nurtures a safe environment. She helped me lower my defences, allowing this great transformation to impact me at the deepest level.

Love you, Karolin”.

Cat Wilton, UK

“EMF changed my health, fatigue, resentment, fear, marriage, kids, work, money… oh, and myself!

The results I got during the EMF program were more than any other development program I have ever done. And I have done a lot. But the real kicker is that the results I got during the six months after the program were even bigger, exponentially bigger, and continue to expand. Pretty excited about whom I will become next year!

I suffered from fatigue, perpetual grumpiness, and an ever-changing list of illnesses despite a healthy lifestyle and spending thousands on supplements and practitioners. My relationship with my wife was strained and we were seeking counseling. I felt trapped in my work and had a very short fuse around the kids.

All of that disappeared during EMF. I didn’t analyse it, process it or work at it, and I didn’t wish it away. I just did what I was told and followed the plan.

My wife and I now have a magical relationship, I am way more patient with and present for my boys, I am fulfilled by my work and money has shown up in unexpected places – I bought 3 racing cars this year.

So yes, EMF has been pretty darn cool and Karolin is just so fabulous. All love and so committed to every student having the same (or better) experience that I had. Can’t recommend her or the programme highly enough. Obviously!”

Grant Rawcliffe, Ontario Canada

“I’m blown away by the results I have achieved with a single hypnosis session with the amazingly gifted Karolin!

I shouldn’t have been surprised as I know how much work she puts into every session & have seen all her 5-star reviews, but I still had my doubts that hypnosis would work for me, especially having struggled with a creative block for so many years.

Three weeks after my session & after listening to my customised hypnosis recording every day, I finished designing the biggest collection I’ve ever made! Ideas are flowing so easily now and I have regained my passion & enjoyment for my work. This is nothing short of miraculous for me.

Karolin led me through my regression with so much love, energy, compassion and care. I always felt safe even when some of my most vulnerable parts were being revealed.

I’m excited to see what more keeps unfolding from my new programming – you can count me as one of the lives that you have directly transformed.

Thank you so much, Karolin!”

Belinda Glynn, Australia

“I attended the legendary Elite Mentorship Forum course with Karolin Lovén at a time when things were extremely cloudy. I was deeply traumatised and my body was going through chronic illness and major physical, mental and emotional pain.

EMF gave me a totally different context of life. It transformed my health and my level of consciousness into something joyous. I learnt to deal with everything in the most extraordinary way.

Karolin came from a place of love, compassion, equanimity, empathy, and courage, sharing her own journey of transcending physical and emotional pain. This gave me unimaginable hope to do the same for myself.

I have excelled in every facet of life because of my journey with EMF and Karolin Lovén. I am focused, courageous, and energetic, and the lens through which I look at life has shifted tremendously.

I really am grateful for this experience and especially to Karolin. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to get to the next level in this beautiful life”.

Theo Mudiliyar, South Africa

“I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Karolin Lovén over the last year and I can say without a doubt that she is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. When I hit a low point in my life last summer, Karolin reached out to me and offered to help.

I was petrified of what the future held and she helped me to see that I could change my circumstances. I was skeptical at first, but she quickly won me over with her caring personality and deep understanding of the human condition. Her selfless act of giving me a scholarship to the EMF course changed my life!

Karolin is a delightful and engaging trainer and she has an amazing ability to connect with her students and wants them to succeed in whatever they do. I was so scared and frustrated last summer, but Karolin helped me calm down and shared some great insights with me. She’s so authentic and caring, and I feel really blessed to have her in my life.

I would highly recommend her as a coach or trainer to anyone seeking
personal development.

Thank you, Karolin, for upgrading everything in my life! I love you! ♥️”

 Erika Gullbrandsson, Sweden

Shaun Carney, Scotland

Joe Villega, USA

“Through Karolin, I have learned how to create an empowering outlook on life, understand my behaviour patterns and replace them with things that empower rather than hinder me. EMF is truly a life-changing experience that will positively impact me forever.

As a trainer, Karolin has been truly inspirational. Always positive, totally authentic, and 100% committed to providing her students with the best EMF experience possible”.

David Griffiths, UK

“When I signed up for EMF I was, at first, a little nervous. But Karolin talked me through the modules, showed genuine interest in me, my challenges and my goals and made me feel at ease. It was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

EMF has helped me to understand the patterns I have, the internal programming that governs (and limits) my life, why I have them and how to change them.

Each week Karolin hosts a community call where all the students can share experiences, ask questions, and get the benefit of her expert guidance.

I’ve found it’s made an enormous difference in my life. I can navigate difficult situations and manage my emotions much better than ever before. I have a new sense of purpose and clarity and most importantly, I recognise my own value and love myself.

Karolin’s positivity is amazing. She uses her experiences to demonstrate her own growth and highlight what we can all achieve. It’s clear that she is well-prepared, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping people. She is a shining example to her students.

Karolin is also a Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT) practitioner and shared sessions with us as an extra bonus. I would whole-heartedly recommend EMF to anyone looking to transform their life.”

Ian Colpman, UK

“I can warmly recommend Karolin. She is an amazing RTT® therapist and transformation coach.

When I booked my session, I was feeling tremendously lost, had severe anger issues and my self-talk was cruel and vicious. I was hurting myself and those closest to me and I knew I had to stop. During the first meeting, Karolin spent time finding out and clarifying what I wanted to achieve. I already began seeing changes in my behaviour.

During the hypnotherapy session I felt safe, well taken care of and held, enabling me to travel into my deepest waters and free myself from their grip. By the end of it, I felt a lightness in my being like I had been freed from all the old baggage, and I trusted in my future and all I wanted to achieve.

Over the next 21 days, I listened to the excellent recording that Karolin made. It brought calmness and a sense of self-love that I treasure immensely. She had put into words exactly what my subconscious mind needed to hear. I am still benefitting from it 4 months later and seldom experience the anger I had before.

Looking back, I couldn’t imagine coming this far after only one session, but after meeting Karolin I felt a deep sense of trust. I am so grateful to have found her.”

Therese Mabon, Sweden

“My EMF journey with Karolin Lovén started in 2021. We were the first group to have her as a trainer and it didn’t seem like it at all! She was on top of her performance from the word go and has been energetic, inspiring, authentic and magnificent.

Karolin added incredible value to each session and even invited a few EMF alumni to talk on specific topics, showing that she was focused, committed and sincere.

I have gained clarity on my career path, raised my emotional balance by a few notches, validated my financial abundance mindset and strengthened my ability to deal with uncertainties in life. It’s a great program for personal transformation and is very well structured”.

JL, India

“I had an incredibly powerful group hypnotherapy session with the amazing Karolin, where she took me through to my past to find blocks to wealth, abundance and self-love.

I was surprised by how many limiting money issues came up, mostly from my teenage years and parental influences. I also realised how little self-worth I had. I was buzzing after the session.

Karolin then sent me a powerful recording to play every day and I have now become a creator of my own life and feel worthy of love, joy, wealth, and abundance. She is a wonderful hypnotherapist, has a very beautiful voice and is calming, understanding, and caring.

Karolin is a beautiful soul who longs to serve others with her gifts. I have no hesitation recommending her talents and services to anyone wishing to change their lives for good”.

Sue Brown, UK

“The hypnotherapy session that Karolin offered me was a transformational experience that has redirected my mindset. I was stuck in a vicious cycle that limited me from seeing a better future.

My experience participating in the introspective Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity session was so powerful! I was able to connect with the root of my limiting beliefs in a way I had never even imagined. The emotional weight I felt from past experiences was lifted, which created space for me to choose a path of positive transformation.

The bonus of having access to the recording for 30 days afterwards has helped me to stay focussed on the path of manifesting prosperity.

Thank you Karolin! I am so grateful for the time and energy you committed to making the session incredibly valuable”.

Kathleen Smith, USA

“RTT® is an opportunity to overcome obstacles you didn’t even realise were holding you back. I would recommend it to everyone!

Karolin helped me to see events in my youth where I had learned not to put myself out there in case I opened myself up to emotions and failures I didn’t want to deal with.

The session itself was amazing. Going into hypnosis is nothing like what people fear it to be. It was very relaxing and enjoyable and Karolin led me expertly through the process until we uncovered the cause of my issue. When I woke I felt wonderful, relaxed, inspired, and energised.

I’ve used the recording repeatedly and noticed a difference straight away. As a result, I’ve been knuckling down to jobs I’ve been putting off for a long time and have made real headway in my life.

After 4 months I’m still finding it to be a fantastic and effective process and I can’t wait to launch my business in the coming week! Thank you Karolin and RTT®”.

Sue Mudie, UK

“Before joining the amazing, life-changing EMF, I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage that I’d never processed or dealt with. I was fearful, shy and scared. I’d held back on all my dreams and had no self-love at all.

EMF transformed all that in 6 months. I was given amazing tools and I forgave myself and my past. I grew in confidence and made the deepest, truest friendships. I now know that I’m truly worthy of my dreams.

If you really want true transformation, I highly recommend the EMF. The results speak for themselves! People say how different I am, and how much positivity I bring to their lives.

Just do it!”

Susan Brown, UK

Nicole, Sweden