“Lovén Your Life” EMF Lite Program

If you’re intrigued by the six month EMF offering but would like a preview of what it’s all about before making a bigger commitment, the “Lovén Your Life” EMF Lite version is for you.

Comprising an 8-hour, condensed, self-driven E-course, one comprehensive follow-up call with myself and access to a dynamic Facebook group, this option will set your transformation journey in motion.

The “Lovén Your Life” EMF Lite experience is simple to engage with, delivering a never-to-be-forgotten “taste of transformation”, which shows how to shift and how to create life you love.

It will also give you a set of tools that, when used together, will provide the power to create the reality and life you have always wished for.

This online course includes segments of two of the most effective modules from the first, foundation-setting section of the full six-month EMF program (which has 13 modules): Wealth & Abundance and Mastering Emotions.

These impactful topics have been specially chosen because of their proven, significant and powerful ability to change the life of every participant. Together, they provide an insightful and compelling overview of the transformational ability of the full EMF program.

In addition, you will learn how to identify your subconscious patterns, habits and what troubles you about them, and take a closer look at why you act and behave the way you do when your needs are not met. The exercises provided will help you identify the reasons behind childhood learned beliefs that no longer serve you and allow you to release them.

You will also be guided through an “I AM” workshop that helps you understand the influence your identity has over your life, and how to create and embody a much more empowering one that is in alignment with your core self.

Practical application of the learnings from each module, to ensure that the mixture of methods and tools provided are properly integrated into your everyday routine, guarantees that your life will change for the better.

Although the “Lovén Your Life” EMF Lite experience will be done on your own and at your own pace, it has the structure and content specifically designed to set you up for success and get a real taste of the full EMF program.

At the end of your online course, we will schedule a follow-up call with me during which any queries can be addressed. We can then outline your future growth journey together.

“Lovén Your Life” EMF Lite:

  • Introduction Module: Learn that “outer world follows inner world” and how to hack your brain for a successful transformation
  • Wealth & Abundance Module: Understand the awareness and energy that creates abundance and get the keys to overcoming a scarcity mindset for good
  • Mastering Emotions Module: Learn how to master your emotions rather than them mastering you
  • The powerful Seven Card Exercise: This identifies your subconscious programming, limiting beliefs and identity
  • BONUS “I AM” Workshop: Learn how to create and adopt your own identity
  • A supportive community and guidance: Join our Facebook group with likeminded peers mentored by Karolin Lovén
  • A Downloadable Workbook: To enhance your lessons and experience
  • A 30-Minute Follow-up Call: With me, Karolin, to outline your future growth journey and highlight the results from the Lite experience.

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Do you want to master yourself, your energy, your emotions and your mindset?

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If you would prefer to work with me as your trainer alongside a group of supportive peers, then the full “Lovén Your Life” EMF Program is for you.

To find out more or register for the course, book a transformation call with me now.

Email any questions to: support@karolinloven.com

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