“Lovén Your Life” EMF Program

“Changing your mindset and energy changes everything”

The “Lovén Your Life” Pivotal Transformation Management Programs

There is only one person responsible for your life’s strategy, and that’s YOU!

If you are ready to invite change and are willing to make the commitment, invest in yourself today. Do not continue robbing yourself of living a happy, fulfilling, vital life any longer.

I have unique philosophies and methodologies that will transform you beyond your wildest dreams.

Hand-picked personally as a top trainer by the great Peter Sage, I will facilitate your journey and give you the best transformative experience on this extraordinary six-month EMF program. The course takes you through three crucial phases.

“Lovén Your Life” EMF Program:


Phase 1 -Foundation and reinvention

  • Discover how to rule reality, become a learning genius and highjack your brain so that you can unfold its capacity
  • Understand your subconscious mind’s role in transformation and how to break free from habits and beliefs that do not serve you
  • Overcome a scarcity mindset and create wealth and abundance
  • Master your emotions and overcome past painful events
  • Master the primary relationships in your life, with yourself, time and other people
  • Learn advanced levels of self-mastery.

Phase 2 -Purpose and direction

  • Learn how to master your focus and concentration
  • Discover and unfold your authentic, real self
  • Set goals and reach them using the application of the Laws of Attraction, quantum physics and energy management
  • Discover what is driving your behaviours and habits and how to understand yourself and your psychology by recognising archetypes and the roles they play in your life
  • Learn how to forgive and let go of the past
  • Understand the importance of application and consistency to create change and overcome procrastination.

Phase 3 – Your relationship with life

  • Learn how to identify your limiting patterns and what has determined your way of thinking, feeling and identity up to this point
  • Identify and create powerful values and a new identity that supports your growth and experience in life
  • Build new, positive habits
  • Redesign a fresh, empowering psychology that will make you thrive in life
  • Learn about advanced levels of consciousness and how to master your vibration – this is an essential element to living a great life
  • Unlock your true potential by shifting your perspective and creating a powerful legacy
  • Live as the star you were born to be.

Consisting of 13 modules; 27 weekly calls with myself, your peer group and your accountability buddy; a comprehensive workbook; limitless access to study materials and a lifetime membership to a closed community of supportive, like-minded thinkers, transformation is guaranteed.

You will also experience a practical application of the learnings from each module, ensuring that the methods and tools provided are integrated into your everyday life, thus ensuring a complete and radical transformation.

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“Knowing without doing is the same as not knowing”

Do you want to master yourself, your energy, your emotions and your mindset?

As your personal coach, one of my unique “Lovén Your Life” added values includes an extremely powerful Manifestation Meditation. This is a formula that is based on the very latest in quantum physics and will enable you to use the Laws of Attraction consciously and turn your dreams into reality.

I will teach you how to achieve this by activating your “torus” or electromagnetic energy field and connecting you with your life force and an infinite source of empowering energy. This meditation changed my life profoundly and my passion is to help others empower themselves and create the life they love.

I also share and use my personal experiences over the last 30 years and my own transformation journey to both inspire you and help you not make the same mistakes. Through this, you will be able to unlock what is holding you back, understand what is blocking you and get to a place where you’re living your full potential.

Your alumni EMF membership will also give you access to a life-long, active and thriving global network of like-minded peers; ongoing free master classes on topics like health, communication, relationships, self-mastery and leadership; and a yearly invitation to all EMF festivals and events.

To find out more or register for the course, book a transformation call with me now.

Email any questions to: support@karolinloven.com

If you need rapid transformation but don’t have the means, view my scholarship program to see if you qualify.

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