“Lovén Your Life” Guest Speaking and Meditation Workshops

“Lovén Your Life” Guest Speaking

If you’re hosting a conference, workshop or group training session, why not hire me as a guest speaker?

I cover a multitude of topics including:

  • The power of the mind and how your personal identity is essential for long-lasting transformation
  • How to overcome stress and burnout
  • How to empower yourself by applying quantum physics to your life
  • How to master your emotions and energy

If your topic of interest is not on the above list, please send a request forward to support@karolinloven.comand we can tailor something to specifically suit your needs and interests.

Meditation Workshops

I also offer group Manifestation Meditations and workshops to help you get in touch with your “torus” or electromagnetic field.

This powerful Manifestation Meditation formula is based on the latest quantum physics findings and will enable you to consciously use the Laws of Attraction to turn your dreams into reality.

During the meditation, I will guide you, help you get clarity on what you want to manifest and teach you how to activate your “torus”. This will connect you with your life force and an infinite source of empowering energy, allowing you to rule your own reality.

This meditation changed my life profoundly, fuelling my passion to help other people empower themselves and create the life they love.

Make a booking or ask for my availability by sending an email to: support@karolinloven.com

If you have a more urgent issue or need a one-on-one personalised session, book a transformation call with me and let’s discuss tailor-made options.

Email any questions to: support@karolinloven.com

If you need rapid transformation but don’t have the means, view my scholarship program to see if you qualify.