“Lovén Your Life” One-on-One RTT® Hypnotherapy

“The power of the subconscious mind is limitless!”

In this comprehensive, 30-day transformation package, I will put you into a relaxed state of hypnosis to discover the root cause of your problem, remove any irrational or limiting beliefs and blockages, and reframe your mindset. This will rapidly and effortlessly change your life for the better!

During the process, you will be in absolute control and will remember everything afterwards.

RTT® will enable you to initiate the transformation you need to love your life and change your actions and behaviours effortlessly. It will happen without any struggle, frustration or force because, together, we will rewire your subconscious programming of beliefs and habits to be in alignment with your conscious mind’s dreams and desires.

My one-on-one RTT® package includes:


  • A 30-minute introductory session: To identify the presenting problem and map out the transformation process
  • A personalised preparation process: 8 hours of expert preparation by me to ensure that all your dream outcomes and expectations are realised
  • A 2.5-hour in-depth hypnotherapy session: Online via zoom
  • A transformative, 20-minute self-hypnosis audio recording: Custom-created just for you, this will liberate you and rewire your mind. Commit to listening to it over a minimum of 30 days and rapidly get the result you want
  • A weekly self-evaluation to track your results
  • A weekly follow-up email or Whatsapp: To help keep you on track during your 30 days of transformation
  • A 20-minute zoom follow-up session: To evaluate your outcome at the end of the 30 days.

Are you ready to commit to your future?

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Do you want to master yourself, your energy, your emotions and your mindset?